Our Infants & Toddlers Program

Age 6 Weeks to 24 months

Our Infant Care Program Features:

A safe and loving environment where your baby has the freedom to explore their environment. A 1:4 child-to-teacher ratio allows for close interactions that spark curiosity and socialization. Playtime with age-appropriate materials that enhance cognitive and motor skills. Regular parent-teacher interactions with daily communication sheets. Activities that help to boost mobility and coordination. Early learning sessions introduce babies to sign language, art, and music.​

Your baby's early education at
Little Explorers Preschool

We focus on several areas that provide your baby with an array of opportunities for growth and learning.


Enhancing Brain Power

We use a variety of materials of different shapes, textures, colors, and sizes to allow babies to use all of their five senses to discover their surrounding environment through play


Communication Skills

We talk to your child verbally and through non-verbal gestures consistent with sign language throughout the day by telling them stories and singing songs. These activities will help to create a foundation that builds conversation skills and help infants associate objects, sounds, and words.


Developing Trusting Relationships

We use words, facial expressions, eye contact, and close interactions with lots of cuddles to communicate with our young toddlers. This provides a nurturing environment where they can form close connections with their caretakers to build trusting relationships.


Improving Mobility and Coordination

Throughout the first few years, babies are learning to roll over, crawl, stand, and walk. We support this development of mobility and coordination with an array of structures inside and outside the classroom. We also work daily with them on exercises that will build on their physical strength.


Fostering Creativity

Our program promotes creativity through art projects, imaginative play, movement, and music. These activities help to encourage self-expression and foster a love of creativity and imagination.